Artist Profile - Jane Eccles

Where Shall I Wander  (46 x 99 cm, oil on canvas framed) £1300 plus delivery
Where Shall I Wander (46 x 99 cm, oil on canvas framed) £1300 plus delivery

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Artist Statement

Where Shall I Wander  (46 x 99 cm, oil on canvas framed) £1300 plus delivery Against the Wall VI (oil on canvas 40 x 125cm framed) £1200 plus delivery The Grey Overcoat  (oil on canvas framed 56 x 122cm) £1500 plus delivery Dancer (oil on canvas framed 54 x 80cm) £1100 plus delivery
Red Squares (oil on canvas framed 75 x 116cm) £1800 plus delivery Girl and Graffiti II by Jane Eccles (oil on canvas 65 x 125cm framed)  £1800 plus delivery Girl in a Blue Dress (oil on canvas 76 x 118cm framed) £1350 plus delivery Forgotten Dreams (46 x 99 cm, oil on canvas) SOLD
All You Need is Love (66 x 99 cm, oil on canvas framed) £1600 plus delivery The Letter  (oil on canvas framed 76 x 108cm) £1800 plus delivery Mary Mary ( 66 x 107 cm, oil on canvas) £1600 plus delivery Girl In A Red Dress III (oil on canvas 56 x 123cm framed) £1700 plus delivery
And So We Had a Cup of Tea  (100 x 100 cm, oil on canvas framed) £1800 plus delivery By The Fading Light (96 x 46 cm, oil on canvas framed) £1300 plus delivery ps


Jane will need no introduction too many of you and we are pleased to be able to show a selection of new paintings. Her work has been regularly admired, commented on and sold since we first exhibited her work as part of the Herefordshire Arts and Craft Society Exhibition September 2005. She studied visual arts as a mature student at Cheltenham Art College, which included ceramics, graphics, drawing and painting. In her final year she specialised in figurative painting. Her work has continued to progress and her figures often form part of a narrative, creating beautifully intriguing paintings. Jane has exhibited up and down the country, and has been short listed by the Daily Mail for the ‘Not the Turner Prize’ award. She has an annual exhibition in the GreenStage and we also exhibit her work at both London and Bristol Affordable Art Fairs.

Artist Statement

As a mature student, I studied at Stroud Art college follower by a degree in Visual Arts with Media and Communication at Cheltenham Art College. Whilst at college, my over- riding interest was figurative painting, and it is in this area that I have continued to work. Painting mainly with oil on canvas, my current work consists of two components, narrative paintings and my more experimental series ‘Against the Wall’ and ‘Fragments’ My narrative works depict figures in contemporary settings where the anecdotal subject matter create a series of metaphors for relationships and event in everyday life and thereby sets the scene for a multiplicity of interpretations that may or may not reflect the original intent. I have become increasingly interested in Herefordshire life and environment, recently painting ‘To Say Goodbye II’ Which was based on the demolition of the Greyhound pub in Hereford and ‘The Puppet Master’ which again uses scenes from Hereford as a backdrop. In parallel, I have experimented with figurative composition often within a restricted space that has involved exploring the relationship and pictorial tension between the visual imagery and the external surroundings. This has led in some cases to a simplification and in others, to a camouflaging of the figurative images by removing the distinction between subject and background. I am currently further developing this theme by dividing the image into elemental parts and placing onto separate canvases.