Artist Profile - Olena Topliss

Blue Fish (30cmx60cm, oil on canvas) £360 Plus delivery
Blue Fish (30cmx60cm, oil on canvas) £360 Plus delivery

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Artist Statement

Blue Fish (30cmx60cm, oil on canvas) £360 Plus delivery Together (30cmx60cm,oil on canvas) £360 Plus delivery Play With Joy (51cmx76cm, oil on canvas) £440 Plus delivery Black and White (30cmx40cm, oil on canvas) £300 Plus delivery
It Is A Lovely Day (30cmx60cm, oil on canvas) £360 Plus delivery Let It Go (30cmx50cm, oil on canvas) £360 Plus delivery


I was born in the Ukraine and was raised in an artistic family.I was fortunate enough from the day of my birth, to be surrounded by artists and opera singers.I have a BA Honors Degree in Fashion and Textile Design awarded by Kiev University.Many years of my life have been dedicated to fashion. This experience has given me an insight into this industry. This culminating in myself becoming involved in Ukrainian fashion shows exhibitions dealing with TV and media on a regular basis. World Wide magazines published many of my designs.Although my background is in design, I have always had an interest in painting. And I am now for filling this interest. I fill I have a reasonable success in this venture having paintings in galleries and private collections.

Artist Statement

I am a contemporary artist. I live to be
creative. Things I see around me: a line, a shadow, a texture, a colour,
inspire me. Form and shape and how colour
masses interact, it's all part of what gets me going in a creative pursuit.
All my paintings tell a story of
love, compassion and relationships.
My art is vibrant and colourful,
I want people to be drawn to my art and have them find their own inspiration in
the pieces that I create.
The blank canvas is my opportunity to take my
fascination with the things that surround me and use that energy to create my
strongest subjects.