Artist Profile - Sue Maud

Ghost of Cameret by Sue Maud (etching framed 38 x 33cm) GreenStage Gallery
Ghost of Cameret by Sue Maud (etching framed 38 x 33cm) GreenStage Gallery

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Artist Statement

Ghost of Cameret by Sue Maud (etching framed 38 x 33cm) GreenStage Gallery Swan Everlasting with Care Channel
Women of the Sea (section) English Channel Light Reflections (gum bricromate, watercolour & mixed media framed 16 x 20cm) £150 Harmony of Sea & Land (acrylic, mixed media & texture framed 95 x 72cm) £510
Tranquility of Power (acrylic, mixed media & texture framed 90 x 70cm) £590 Human Spirit - Fly Free (gum bricromate, cyanotype & mixed media framed 80 x 100cm) £840 Human Spirit - Dolphin Energy (cyanotype & watercolour framed 80 x 100cm) £840 Swan
Rainforest (linocut, monoprint & mixed media framed 34 x 46cm) £340


Sue creates dramatic seascapes using painting and printmaking, (etchings, gum bichromates and cyanotypes) drawing on her sailing experiences to reflect the power and erosion created by the sea. The work tries to create the feeling of ‘being’ and to allow the viewer to experience the elements, strength, terrifying beauty and awesome might of the sea, in conjunction with our own frailty while sailing the oceans. Sue has exhibited in solo shows all over the country winning awards for her work in the Hartlepool Renaissance Exhibition at the Gray Art Galley and the T N Lawrence Award at the International Exhibition, Falmouth in 1999. Her work has also been seen in group shows as far away as Norway and Tokyo.

Artist Statement

the last 10 years, our climate, sea, wind erosion, and an unknown mysterious
power has changed to what we now call global warming, and altering much of what
we understood and knew. 

has influenced the artist’s way of expressing, in a very positive way, the
feeling of what the world is experiencing through the ferocity, plus sudden
changes of the pattern of weather, affecting sea storms and passive sea beauty
– combined with cave and cliff erosion – thus outlining the positive
realisation that our world is changing.


exhibition contains gum bichromate and cyanotype, which is a light sensitive printing
process, where the liquid is painted onto the hand-made paper, which can then
be covered with a negative or drawings on acetate or a found object. The light
from the light-box or the sun then contacts the paper and develops it into a
print. Other prints include etchings, worked on zinc with acid, lino-cut and
mixed medium play a part in this exhibition. The only painting includes many
print processes, including light sensitive mediums and textured mono-print. A
large printing press and other equipment are used with hand-made paper to
produce the artwork.


is hoped that this all emphasises how a large and magnificent rock face can
change its shape and form, but still retain an impressive beauty. So the work,
in every piece, explores the world’s amazing changes, through the excitement of

has also been given to presentation and framing, both to colour, texture and
structure, accentuating the feeling and experience behind the work, in
conjunction with the awesome might and beauty of Nature’s World.