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Hanging Nude II (limited edition bronze resin 36 x 114cm) Sold

Hanging Nude II (limited edition bronze resin 36 x 114cm) Sold

Hanging Nude II (limited edition bronze resin 36 x 114cm) Sold





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About Sarah Cotterill
Artist Statement


Sarah Cotterill was born in Cambridge in the 1950s she spent her early years in Nottinghamshire near Sherwood Forest, where her love of trees and legends began. She modelled her first dragon at the age of 7 which won her 1st prize at the school summer fete. It was not until the late nineteen nineties that she came back to sculpture, when she made a large head for her sister’s garden. From there she re-caught the bug and decided to go to her local college. After studying for two years she created her first large work entitled "Natures Consort". "Natures Consort" has been exhibited at the Malvern Sculpture Park and Worcester Cathedral.

Artist Statement

Humanoid Plant Forms (Pod People)

One day I thought to myself “what if evolution had taken a different path”. I came up with pod people or humanoid plant forms.  While exploring this idea I found myself formulating how this could occur. I started with a seed; this gave rise to a vine and the formation of pods.  Within these pods were these humanoid plant forms.  Now what? I asked myself.  How would these procreate? Aha! They would run away to find fertile ground plunge into the earth and grow into a new vine. But where did the seed come from in the first place?  A tree I said.  How so?  Well every so often there would be a male and a female plant person, they would join (that is the human bit) and plunge into the ground, a little while later a tree would grow, this would then mature, give rise to a seed and then the process would begin again.

So there you have it, a cycle within a cycle, within my mind.

Just thought you’d like to know.

Oh yes, these pod people are in their playful stage between pod and adult. Hmmmm!