Artist Profile - Brian Denington

Tony Benn (oil on board framed  104 x 119cm) £3300 plus delivery
Tony Benn (oil on board framed 104 x 119cm) £3300 plus delivery

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Artist Statement

Tony Benn (oil on board framed  104 x 119cm) £3300 plus delivery Lady of Shallot (oil on board framed) £3000 Robert Hardy as Sir Toby Belch (oil on board framed) £2200 plus delivery The Swimmer (92 x 105cm, oil on board) Sold
Bonnard's model (oil on board framed 18 x 14 inches) £1500 plus delivery Midsummer Night's Dream (Oil on board, 112 x 128cm framed) £4000 Plus delivery Wedding (oil on board framed) Swimmer (oil on board framed) £3000 plus delivery
The Wicked Queen ( 90 x 106cm, oil on board) £3000 Plus delivery Brown and Purple Nude (oil on board framed ) £1200 plus delivery Amy Winehouse ( 36 x 30 inches, oil on board) £2500 Plus delivery Placido Domingo as Lonhengrin (oil on board framed 68 x 68cm) £2000 plus delivery
Standing Nude (oil on board framed ) £1200 plus delivery


Brian Denington was born in 1944 in Glastonbury, Somerset. He studied fine art and illustration at the South East Essex School of Art from 1961 to 1966. After leaving college he worked for some time as a graphic designer in a London design studio before turning his interests towards figurative illustration and portraiture. Since moving to France he has placed less emphasis on portraiture, and concentrated almost entirely on his figure work. There is now a considerable demand for his nudes and figure studies, and he regularly shows and sells his work in London, Belfast, Dublin & Paris.

Artist Statement

The advent of the Apple computer changed everything, and for Brian and many professional artists at that time illustration as an art form almost ceased to exist and afterwards Brian concentrated on paintings for exhibition and commissioned portraits.    He exhibited at the Royal Society of Portrait Painters, his commissions were many and varied, such as family & corporate portraits, and Elvis Presley & George Melly for CD albums to oil & water colour portraits of Sir John Barbirolli for his widow Lady Evelyn Barbirolli and to hang in Trinity College London.  Before moving to France in 2004 whilst living in Ireland he was invited artist at the Carlow Eigse and the Royal Hibernian Academy, commissioned to produce a large painting for the Dáil in Dublin containing a number of portraits of Irish politicians and heroes of the Republic and later engaged as resident artist during the Irish general election campaign in 2002.