Artist Profile - Richard Whyley

French Canal  (oil on canvas framed 67 x 82cm) £1200 plus delivery
French Canal (oil on canvas framed 67 x 82cm) £1200 plus delivery

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Artist Statement

French Canal  (oil on canvas framed 67 x 82cm) £1200 plus delivery Blue Boat  (acrylics and inks framed 70 x 74cm) Sold Hill Dwellings  (acrylics framed 74 x 55cm) £580 plus delivery House at Hollybush  (acrylics framed 60 x 50cm) £320 plus delivery
River Village ll  (acrylics framed 58 x 68cm) £595 plus delivery To The Storm   (acrylics framed 75 x 75cm) £850 plus delivery Arrangement (acrylic and inks framed 77 x 67cm) £550 plus delivery Cottage In Ireland  (acrylics framed 72 x 61cm) £450 plus delivery
Beneath the Hills  (acrylics framed 60 x 45cm) Sold Easdale Gulls  (acrylic and inks framed 60 x 85cm) £850 plus delivery Waiting   (acrylics framed 94 x 94cm) £850 plus delivery


Born in the UK city of Leicester and brought up in the quiet suburb of Braunstone, Richard enjoyed a grammar school education and subsequently spent his early working life pursuing his love of motor cars in the field of engineering, moving into management in his twenties, where he was to spend most of his working life. Like many artists, he is entirely self taught and his artistic career has always run alongside his 'proper' job. He has been producing artwork for almost forty years and his first experience of artistic success came through his drawings and watercolours selling in a small chain of gift shops in South Wales in the 70's and early 80's. At the same time he was called upon and successfully produced a series of local commissions of buildings, landscapes and domestic animals and has been doing so ever since.   Career and family commitments sidelined his artwork through the late 80's and early 90's, only starting again when a friend asked him to exhibit some works in a Gloucestershire gallery restaurant. The resulting commercial successes rekindled his interest and lead him eventually into full time employment in the art world.

Artist Statement

“I make no elaborate claims for my art, I let the pictures speak for themselves... I am always trying new ideas, techniques and styles and do not wish to be labelled with one particular genre.
Give me a new idea or direction and I will try it and hopefully produce
something pleasing to the eye and stimulating to the senses...
I'm just an artist who enjoys what he's doing and I hope others enjoy the results of my labours.”